ODYSSEY BRAND - The Sports Mall

Imagine a Mall a well located easily accessed structure on a grand scale with a very pleasing indoor environment, beautiful common areas and specialized space for events.

Now, imagine a new Sports and Wellness Themed Mall. Not a traditional mall where its smaller pieces (mall space tenants) rely heavily on its neighboring and often competitive anchors, but, a mall where each and every part lives in harmony with the other - rendering its inter-connected self, together as one, the anchor. Or if you will, a synergy of related smaller parts that result in the greater collective strength of the whole; like the string, horn, woodwind, and percussion sections of an orchestra working as one to create a beautiful symphony. Individually each instrument creates only fragmented music but together, as one, they create a beautiful symphony. Our symphony, or our mall, will be comprised of sporting and wellness venues, professional (sports, wellness and medical) office, a wellness themed hospitality component, residential units, and of course related retail.

Like the traditional mall, Sports Village (SV) will be tenant driven. However, unlike the traditional mall, SV's powerful synergisms yield many other legitimate and exciting forms of additional income above and beyond solely, the tenant role:

individual and corporate sponsorships and memberships,

national, regional and community organizations,

trade and professional associations and organizations,

homeowner associations,

corporate and major sporting events, and,

competitive league play, to name only a few.

So really Sports Village is more than just a Mall which is the mere the sum of its parts. We are also more than just a Community Center of the 21st century where whole Cities can live, work, and play. Sports Village is a BRAND that redefines and elevates the very essence of what we call "Place of Purpose".

The first-ever, mixed use retail complex designed for Interactive Sports & Entertainment

Over 30 Sports Venues & Activities, Wellness Facilities & Programs, Recreation Activities & Events, Food & Beverage, and Corporate Hospitality and much more; a playground in the community that meets the growing demand for active and fully immersive entertainment experiences; a 21st century community center where people connect, learn and play across active interests; a brand aggregator for popular and successful sports and entertainment.

Sports Venues - Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Dance Studio (children's, adults, competitive), Asian Arts, Track & Field, Cycling, Golf, Boxing, Diving, Water Sports/Aquatics, Bowling, X Sports, Coaching/Shadowing programs, and more.

Sports Entertainment Technology

Wellness Programs - Fitness, Spa, Sports Medicine, Sports Rehabilitation, Corporate Wellness Counseling, Training, and Exercise, etc.

Hospitality & Corporate - Business Club, Restaurants, Sport Video Galley, Sports Retail, Coffee Bar, Child Care, Children's Play & Gaming Zones, HD Theater, etc.

More Offerings/Benefits

A full system training center where any sports enthusiast - from the beginner to the worlds most elite - can access the best facilities, technology, trainers, healthcare practitioners and coaches.World class fitness and wellness center and spa for the leisure athlete, husband & wife, family, etc.

A grassroots program for children and teens that supports their development as individuals throughout a lifetime of sports pursuits.

A home for community sports leagues and competition,

A retail center for leading sports clothing and equipment brands, five star spas, restaurants and professional service specialists - ranging from sports medicine to nutrition,

An exciting new destination for corporate events, major sporting events and broadcasting,

Predicated on the very same business principles of mixed use retail and mall development,

SV's uniquely themed sports and entertainment environment will pulse 18 hours a day with activity and programming,

A broadcast and media center that has the ambition to realize a new way to communicate through sports achievement.

SV reaches all demographics from 2-102. Our consumers will utilize the programs and facilities on a daily basis, benefiting from our multi-layered services and attractions. There is program for every member of the company and family.

Why Sports Village Is Not Just THE Future But OUR Future In...

Urban Cities - Sport has lost its place in Western Society. Most existing sports facilities in inner cities were built in response to the baby boom. Most are outdoors, outdated and no longer function in the manner for which they were intended. Notable recent market successes, such as Fitness Clubs and Spas are proving that the consumer wants a community center that feeds their desire to achieve health, socialize, entertain and shop. However, these comparables are designed for highly urbanized environments and are unable to provide true diversity in sporting pursuits, nor accommodate lucrative league competition space, specialized training environments for serious athletes, and respond to rapidly disappearing city and school funded facilities. The market is demanding a new model for health and sport; a model that redefines the role of sport and well being in society - a place where cities can play.

And in...

Suburban Areas - Throughout the country there are thousands of new master-planned residential communities currently in the design and development stages. Regardless of whether they are geared toward entry level or luxury buyers, these communities must provide recreation and open space and its lifestyle amenities are often the defining factor in the community's brand. Traditionally this has meant building communities around golf courses, but an over-supply of country club communities has inspired many developers to search for new amenities to define their projects.